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Local Guitar Repairs and Luthiers

Dutchess County

RIP Ed Diehl

Ed does all kinds of guitar repairs, on acoustic and electric guitars.
Setups, fret work, fret replacement, neck realignment, to major guitar restorations.
He's been doing guitar work for many years.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Gary Vail

Gary builds and repairs acoustic guitars.
Check out the website

Hyde Park, NY

phone: 845-229-9369

Jimi Heslin's Axe Shop

Instrument repairs, restorations and refinishing. Also amplifier repairs.
Check out the website

Poughkeepsie, NY

phone: 845-240-1878

Lord of the Strings

My name is John Vergara and I have a stringed instrument making and repair shop. I specialize in making violins, guitars, ouds and more. And I repair violins, guitars, banjos, manolins, ukes, ethnic stringed instruments and so on.
Check out the website

8 South Chestnut St Beacon, NY 12508

phone: 845-839-2055

Ulster County

Lyn Hardy

A luthier is a person who makes and fixes stringed instruments. This Is how I've been making my living for the past 21 years,
fixing all kinds of guitars, banjos, mandolins and the occasional kora, zither, autoharp and balalika.
Check out the website

Woodstock, NY

phone: 845-332-8073

Saker Guitar Works

Saker Guitar Works is an independent guitar specialty shop located in the Uptown, Stockade District of Kingston, New York. Specializing in repair, Saker Guitar Works is also a retail shop with a wide selection of instruments and accessories.
Check out the website

58 N. Front Street, Kingston, NY

phone: 845-338-1398



If you know of other quality guitar repair people locally not listed here,
please let us know so we can add them to this page and spread the good word.
Just send us the information via email, and include any website links if available.

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