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Poughkeepsie Chapter News

Volume 21, Issue 3: January & February 2001

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Kingston chapter news, Patterson chapter news, Poughkeepsie chapter news, and other articles.

November Open Mic Performers:

Chris DePalma, Carol Hotte, Kevin & Carol Becker, Jane March, Mike & Emmy Clark, Joe Murray

The November feature at the Poughkeepsie chapter for the year 2000 was Irish Rain. This group is fun to listen to. Their selection of music shows diversity and features each member of the group at one time or another throughout the performance. Ed began the evening taking the vocals on the first two songs, "Dark As a Dungeon" and "Darlin' Corey" (with a twist of Irish Rainism mixed in). Next up Tom took the "rains" with the mandolin in an instrumental called "The Greencastle Hornpipe". Bill followed with "Away Rio" and Steve sang the lead in "Sailor's Prayer". They finished their set with "Road To Boston",an instrumental, followed by "Off To Sea Once More" and "The Roving Dies Hard". The crowd brought them back on with a clammering and the group performed "Home Boys Home" as an encore. Irish Rain is a wonderful, friendly group that is well balanced.

December Open Mic Performers:

Elliott Zucker, Frank Tetler, "Bruce", John & Rebekah Martucci, Dave Feroe, Bruce Morrison, Matt Finley, Chris DePalma & Carol Hotte, Denise J. Finley & Joe Murray, Dionne Graff, Chris Kilroy.

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