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Patterson Chapter News

Volume 21, Issue 3: January & February 2001

Newsletter segments:

Kingston chapter news, Patterson chapter news, Poughkeepsie chapter news, and other articles.

November Open Mic Performers:

Martin Aronchick, John Becker, David Becker, Kevin & Carol Becker, Bill Wemmerus, Carol Hotte & Chris DePalma.

Ron Gluck was our featured performer, and his performance was a tour-de-force. He began with his favorite song, the title song of an album that Ron cut in the late 50’s, "Pastures of Plenty." Ron’s driving, rhythmic arrangement breathed vitality into this Woody Guthrie song. Next, Ron sang a Yiddish version of "I Shot the Sheriff", and boy, could that boychik rock and roll. Then came the union movement portion of the show. Ron sang "Keep Your Eyes on the Dollar". Next was "Miner’s Lifeguard".

Ron calmed the crowd down with the schmaltz portion of the show, a small sampling of the wealth of old songs that Ron has taught himself while noodling on his venerable pawn-shop-bought Martin. Ron’s arrangements of "April Showers", "San Francisco Blues", "You’ll Never Know", and "P.S. I Love You" simultaneously maintained a clear melody line and never missed the beat! Ron sang these songs in a quiet yet strong and expressive voice.

From schmaltz we went to down-and-dirty, as Ron sang "Been in the Pen", the song of a desperate man. He followed in the same vein with "Empty Pocket Blues" and "John Henry Brown". Like a master puppeteer, Ron yanked us back with a complete-change-of-mood song, playing a classical piece in an attempt “to bring a little culture to the group.” The song was "Liebestraum", a Franz List composition. It is not supposed to be possible to play on the guitar, but Ron played a rocking, foot-stomping version of it.

Ron concluded with the only home-grown song in this set, "Save Me". It was a fine, darkly expressive piece. It made us wish that we could have heard more Ron Gluck original songs.

December Open Mic Performers:

Frank Collins, Chris DePalma, Denise Jordan Finley, Ron Gluck, Carol Hotte, Bruce Morrison, Vince Sauter, Brian Sullivan, Charlie Barone, Mario Zecca

December’s feature was Patterson’s scribe-extraordinaire, and continued supporter of our small but constant cadre, instrumentalist Martin Aronchick. Although Martin’s a relative newcomer to the HVFG (~ 3yrs), his shy, but ever-present sense of humor is always a welcome addition. With his fingerpicking style on his fine Taylor, we were led through the many alternate tunings required to set the mood for each vignette. Named by his children, the tone of each composition came through, from the doubly named opener “Whole New Life/The Sound of a Burst of a Flower” to “Transmission” to “Catwalk”. There was a rare moment when Martin actually did two numbers in the same tuning! We were asked to surmise the nature of his children according to the mood of two pieces - the happy one/the glum one. With encouragement for an encore, Martin concluded a delightful feature

Upcoming March'01 Feature: Roye Donald

Roye Donald (rumor has it to be accompanied by Bob Giaccometti) will be our March feature. Roye tells us Marty Robbins was his earliest influence, remembering "El Paso" at about age 8. In 1963, he got his first electric guitar and played until 1968, when he heard Crosby, Stills & Nash, sold all his equipment, bought an acoustic guitar, and never looked back. With a father who loved all kinds of music, he had early exposure from opera to rock 'n' roll to black gospel. As a street kid, with no guitar training, he utilizes mainly a flat-pick strum, mostly to accompany his singing. As a composer, his highlight to date is a recorded song of the Vietnam War in the Library of Congress.

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