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Kingston Chapter News

Volume 21, Issue 3: January & February 2001

Newsletter segments:

Kingston chapter news, Patterson chapter news, Poughkeepsie chapter news, and other articles.
November Open Mic Performers:

"Doc" Howells, The Zimmer Twins, Leigh & Larry Parker, Bob Wright, Carol Hotte, Bruce Ackerman, Joe Gagliardi, Joe Murray, Bruce Blair, Kimberly, Lisa Dudley, Nancy Rose, Cheryl A. Rice

Our November feature was Chris DePalma, with a little help from his friends. Chris got back into the music scene after meeting Denise J. Finley and Joe Murray at a gig at Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie a couple of years back. The rest, as they say, is history. Chris is a prolific and talented songwriter as well as performer, beginning his set with a song started eight years ago and recently completed, "Paint You A Sunny Day." "Ripple" originated in Chris' earlier days and during the ten years he spend in Texas, befriending a Frenchman! "A Long Stemmed Rose," another original, was followed by Lester Flatt's "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms." As Prez Joe says, "Nobody can do Chris' songs like Chris," his sweet, grainy vocals putting just the correct edge on his already enjoyable compositions.

With a little help next from Vince Sauter, Joe and Kimberly, "A Little Help From My Friends" came off as a smashing singalong (More friends than you thought, eh Chris?) His most recent opus made its public debut next, "It Doesn't Matter," with Carol Hotte on vocals. Next came an unfinished fragment, as yet untitled. Chris ended his set with an old favorite, Carole King's "You've Got a Friend." A warm, mellow interlude. Thanks, Chris!

December Open Mic Performers:

Vince Sauter, Denise J. Finley & Joe Murray, Terry & Steve, The Thorns, Bobby Kennedy, Joe Gagliardi, Steven Rhodes, Cheryl A. Rice, Bruce Morrise & Denise Finley, Carol Hotte & Chris DePalma, "The Moose", Pat Daley

We had two features in December, poet Bob Wright and musician Bruce Blair. The two traded off in a unique style new to the Guild, and the result was a flow of sound and words, weaving seredipitously into each other smoothly. Bruce opened with Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic", and Bob followed with several poems, touching on his primary themes of love, relationships, purpose and always with a keen eye for detail and the truth few dare to put into words. Bruce retorted with George Harrison's "Too Much in Love", Bob answered with poems with such telling titles as, "Today I Plan to Breathe," "Greater Love," "The Right Person," and "Tall Guys". Bruce explained himself with the song "Hopelessly Midwestern", Bob paried with words on water and monkeys (you had to be there), Bruce followed with another tune, Bob some more pithy remarks, and Bruce countered with an a cappela rendition of "Moonlight in Vermont," in his fearless voice.

And so it went, an exchange of views, notions and melody that one can only hope is part of a trend. Thank you, fellas!!!

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